Principles, Matrix and Process: Quick Reference Flyer

Elsa (32 years) fled Honduras with her husband Eduan (30 years) and their five children – Carolina (15), Eduan (9, pictured above), Violet (6), Billy (3) and Hilary (1) – after gang members threatened to kill them. There is an urgent need to provide shelter and better reception conditions to ensure these people are safe, protected and have access to vital services like counseling and legal support to connect them with the local asylum processes.

Includes the PIM Principles, Process and Matrix which you can print out (as A3) and take with you while you make tracks in the field!

You can use this quick reference guide anywhere you are working on PIM to understand, organize or communicate what is happening around you – in real time.

Here’s a quick overview of what these core PIM products do:

  • PIM Principles: These principles underpin all PIM work, regardless of their purposes, methods, or products.
  • PIM Matrix: The PIM Matrix and the terminology it includes provide a framework for a standardized understanding of PIM categories, illustrating a spectrum of protection information management work and activities in displacement situations.
  • PIM Process: The PIM Process provides guidance on steps to be undertaken when developing, implementing, or renewing a protection information management response.

Click here to download the pdf of the PIM Principles, Matrix and Process quick reference flyer.

Click here to downloadable the printable word version of the PIM Principles, Matrix and Process quick reference flyer.


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