PIM Working Meeting Outcome Document – September 2016

“It was tough. My social life depends on my wheelchair. Now I can carry on with my life, go to the market, the community centre and meet with my friends.” Stephen Bang, 46, waves at the camera outside his shelter at Bor camp for vulnerable people, in South Sudan.

Background and rationale:

This is a report from the third Protection Information Management (PIM) working meeting of stakeholders collaborating on the development of a PIM framework. This framework brings together key principles and concepts that reflect both protection and information management (IM) standards, guidance, definitions, and terminology.

Similar to what took place in the previous two working meetings, this third event was an opportunity for key protection and IM colleagues to collaborate and further develop the PIM discipline as a community.

The outcomes of this third PIM working meeting deliver upon the overall vision and results articulated and agreed by stakeholders for the PIM Initiative, as set forth in the Protection Information Management Strategic Framework 2016-2017.

This document presents specific outcomes of the third PIM Working Meeting, as developed and agreed among colleagues who attended the meeting, and are as follows:

  • The PIM Matrix: Finalized
  • PIM Process: Refined. The PIM Process into four steps required for a sound technical and coordinated approach
  • Data Sharing: Work in progress, Explore and define what is needed to build an environment of sharing, trust, and confidence
  • Refined the Principles in Action, the practical standards and guidance on how to operationalize the PIM Principles for principled action when undertaking PIM
  • PIM and Protection Analysis: Articulated the linkages between PIM and the process of protection analysis, strategy, and response
  • Discussed and explored the linkages between the PIM process, principles, and the design and delivery of a protection analysis, strategy, and response and developed initial model / visualization of this link
  • …and more!
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