Who is involved

Colleagues from a growing community of organizations have worked with us on developing PIM (thanks everyone!):

Colleagues from Columbia University’s CPC Learning Network and Northwestern University’s Center for Forced Migration Studies, and others have collaborated with us on PIM. Colleagues not included in the above list have been trained on PIM, click here to learn more.

Want to know more about how the community is using & sharing PIM? Click here

To find colleagues trained on PIM in the field, click here.

Burundian children play football with a ball made from plastic bags tied together with elastic bands on a dusty play area at Sange refugee assembly point.

Ready to start collaborating on PIM?

Collaboration is open to everyone, and we are all equals in this process.

The PIM Team and interested colleagues are always happy to engage and support each other to raise awareness on PIM. Please contact the below colleagues to learn more.

PIM and Protection Analysis – Through the Global Protection Cluster

Contact: pimtraining@drc.ngo


Want to spread the word on PIM?

Excellent, we are all in this together.

Click here to access a mini-communications package on PIM.