PIM Process

Guidance on what to do, when undertaking PIM.

The PIM Process provides guidance on steps to be undertaken when developing, implementing, or renewing a protection information management response. The objective here was to identify and agree on the higher-level components of the PIM Process cycle.

Working through the PIM Process steps allows colleagues to ensure that the design, delivery and coordination, of a PIM activity, has taken into consideration the necessary steps, to ensure the best possible result.

It is important to note that the four higher-level steps of the PIM Process — Assess information landscape, Design IM systems, Implement IM systems, Evaluate impact— are prescriptive. In other words they should be followed in this sequence. However, the sub-steps falling under these steps may be followed in a prescriptive or a non-prescriptive manner, i.e., they do not necessarily require step-by-step implementation/adherence.

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