PIM Strategic Framework 2020 – 2021

PIM Strategic Framework for 2020 – 2021

The Protection Information Management Strategic Framework for 2020 – 2021, lays out our objectives for the next two years and consolidates the achievements and results from our earlier PIM Strategic Framework 2016-2017   and PIM Strategic Framework 2018 -2019.

Following extensive consultations with colleagues from throughout the PIM community, we will continue to work on:

  • Maintaining and Strengthening a PIM Community of Practice: The PIM Community of Practice will be further developed, reinforced, and monitored through activities such as for example: documenting and sharing best practices and supporting the institutionalization of PIM;
  • Developing and Applying Guidance and Advice on the PIM Framework and its Components: Guidance on PIM components will be further developed, disseminated, and applied, and advice on how to apply and use the PIM Framework and its components will be shared through the development of PIM for Managers, the development of PIM elements in support of continuous protection analysis and more;
  • Fostering PIM Capacity and Competencies, Learning, and Sustainability: Materials for training and competency (skills, knowledge, and attitudes) on PIM will continue to be maintained, disseminated, and used by multiple actors and platforms through the continued delivery of PIM Trainings, and sharing good practices from ToT’ed colleagues, among others.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed their time and insights to moving PIM forward over the years. We look forward to continuing to learn from you – and to learn with you on how PIM is impacting the ways we work!

To read the PIM Strategic Framework 2020- 2021, is available for download as pdf.