Protection Analysis

Analysis is a key step of the protection information management process, undertaken to identify protection problems with the aim of informing strategy and response. Protection analysis must be based on protection risk equation, which unpacks the interplay between threats, vulnerabilities and capacities which jointly impact the scale and severity of protection risks.

Protection Risk Equation

A  protection  analysis can be undertaken at a variety  of levels –at the individual or household or  community  level, at the level of administrative units, or along national and displacement axis. While different actors and organisations may have different approaches to and use different frameworks for protection analysis, working with a shared inter-agency endorsed framework, offers a common basis for coordinated and complementary response design and delivery.

A shared framework for protection analysis

The inter-agency endorsed Protection Analytical Framework (PAF) introduced in 2021, offers a commonly agreed structure to inform our approach to protection risk analysis. It guides robust, context specific protection analysis and helps anyone undertaking such investigations to answer two important questions:

  1. What information is needed to undertake a protection analysis and
  2. How should that information be organised and structured to support in-depth and integrated protection analysis.

The PAF will help you identify top protection risks to monitor over time. To identify protection risks, the PAF requires you to consider four broad areas:

  • Current factors that affect the protection context, both positively and negatively.
  • Violations and abuse across geographic locations and population groups.
  • The priority effects on the population (affecting the dignity, safety and well-being of the population) arising from specific violations and abuses for each population group and geographic location affected.
  • Current combination of individual capacity, local mechanisms, national institutional capacity, and humanitarian response capacity to address violations and abuses.

The Protection Analytical Framework


The PAF documents are available here.